Email marketing case for Tier 1 Countries

We have organized email marketing campaigns for Au, Uk, NZ.

Achieved a Click Through Rate of 0.09% generating a number of new sales


acquiring new customers
- Attracting existing customers to the site
-Reaching more people

Summary of Work Done.

Reorganized mailing lists
Existing customer emails categorized
Our new gambler emails and our client's email data have been combined.
Campaigns started to be introduced with email marketing on a weekly basis
50k emails were sent in total for 1 month


As a result of email campaigns
Emails were sent to 50k people in total.
Email open rate increased from 32% to 53%
Clicks and site visits increased from 24% to 38%.

Total 6632 new members
The number of people who deposited money as a result of the campaigns 744

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